Full-Stack Product Owner

I was tasked with the extremely ambitious 6 months goal to strategize, conceptualize, and create both a customer and franchisee app along with creating all associated digital executive & user training material. In additionI co-lead 7-eleven digital UX recruitment and personally hired 10 new User Experience Pros and through my direct and sole architecture & design efforts, the UX team bloomed from me as the “Army of One” to a team of nearly a dozen with funding blooming from a nest of $3M to $30M for execution.

Key Roles And Responsibilities

Championed product initiatives and business cases to the executive management team for prioritization and development; act as a key product expert, evangelist, and advocate for initiatives, tools, and product features

Leveraged a discovery-driven approach to thinking through full physical and digital experience and how users, technology, and physical environments intersect and work in conjunction to drive up purchases

Architect, product designer, define and communicate end-to-end scenarios, interaction models, and screen designs to stakeholders & executives

Design library creator and manager utilizing FIGMA and Invision to ensure continuous and seamless synchronicity between UX and UI devs

Initiated user research, design thinking, and service design methods to invent the user experience and technology

Concept designer of entire mobile customer ordering and franchisee fulfillment

User Research, Architecture, Design, and Prototype Interaction


My projects



Fulfillment Associate responsibilities include offloading stock deliveries, processing work orders, and packaging orders for distribution.



We offer food pickup at many 7-Eleven convenience stores. 


Telegraphic transfers

7-Eleven at 14850 TELEGRAPH. 7-Eleven. 14850 TELEGRAPH Taylor MI 48180-4636. 


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